Important Information

The information on these pages relating to VCTs managed by Beringea LLP is directed at United Kingdom residents only. Shares in the venture capital trusts ("VCTs") referred to on this website will not be offered to non-residents.

This site is aimed at persons for whom VCTs may be an appropriate investment.  Whilst all retail investors may potentially invest in VCTs, they carry a higher risk than many other forms of investment and they are suitable for certain retail investors.  They are unlikely to be suitable for investors who may need access to funds in the short term and the underlying nature of the investment into smaller companies may increase the risk of financial loss. 

Therefore, VCT shares are appropriate for more sophisticated investors with significant investment portfolios, who are able to take a longer term view and understand the risk-return of investing in smaller companies and the tax advantages of VCTs.

A VCT investment is therefore not suitable for all individuals and if you are in doubt about what action to take you should consult an authorised financial adviser.

No reliance is to be placed on the information contained on this website in making an application to subscribe for shares in any of the ProVen VCTs. Any such application should only be made on the basis of all the information in the relevant securities Note. If there is an open offer for shares in one of the ProVen VCTs the Securities Note can be downloaded from this website or obtained from: Beringea LLP, Charter House, 55 Drury Lane, London, WC2H 5SQ (telephone: 020 7845 7820). Prospective investors should ensure that they read the risk warnings set out in the prospectus

The FCA has confirmed that VCT shares are to be treated as “Excluded Securities” in that they are not subject to the investment restrictions applied to Non-Mainstream investment Products.

Statement of Risk

Some of the key risks are as follows:

  • The VCTs invest in a portfolio of small, unquoted companies,
    which by their nature carry greater risks than larger companies
    quoted on a stock market

  • The value of shares in the VCTs may fluctuate and you may not
    get back the amount you invested

  • You may have difficulty in selling your shares and any sale is likely to
    be at a discount to net asset value

  • There is no certainty as to the level of dividends that will be paid

  • Changes to the legislation relating to VCTs may affect the VCTs
    ability to achieve its objectives

  • The sale of VCT shares within 5 years of subscription will result in the
    initial income tax relief having to be repaid, so an investment in a VCT
    should be considered a long-term investment

  • The tax reliefs available are dependent on ProVen VCT maintaining its
    status as a VCT

  • The tax rules and regulations governing VCTs are subject to change. The past performance of the ProVen VCTs is not a guide to the future performance of its VCTs.

The content for this website has been approved by Beringea LLP (“Beringea”). The information and opinions contained herein were prepared by Beringea. The information herein is believed by Beringea to be reliable. However Beringea makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. This document is for information only and does not form part of any offer to purchase shares in any of the ProVen VCTs. Beringea is acting for the  ProVen VCTs and no-one else and will not be responsible to any one other than ProVen VCTs  for providing the protections afforded to clients of Beringea. Beringea LLP, FRN 496358, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.